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January 4th, 2011, 2:53 am


[Edited] Update :D

EDIT: Due to some personal issues the update is
postponed to either monday or tuesday

Merry late Christmas and a happy late new years!! :D
I will be working and will hopefully upload at least
3-4 pages tomorrow throughout the day I have
completely scrapped my original idea and came up with
a totally different and comedic twist to the story
with no plot...(don't leave me ; A ;) Orz
well anyways :3 SJ doesn't like me very much,
the website seems to always be unresponsive in the
mid-morning to late afternoon so I will probably
bombard you with updates in the evening... it will
totally depend if I can get on SJ throughout the
day :)
(does anyone else get this problem?)
(I randomly got hives just now o_o has this happened
to anyone before?)

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