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Warning: this is a BL manga o_o read from right to left Miku(the main character) one day wakes up to find that he has slept with his older brother Kanon dun dun duhh..... what will be in store for Miku as we advance through the story? I'm just drawing as it goes... I don't really have a plot for this so it might be a bit confusing... there will be no 18+ scenes... for i'm not particularly good at drawing them maybe in the future please don't judge me on the toning... I'm still learning


January 4th, 2011, 2:53 am


[Edited] Update :D

EDIT: Due to some personal issues the update is
postponed to either monday or tuesday

Merry late Christmas and a happy late new years!! :D
I will be working and will hopefully upload at least
3-4 pages tomorrow throughout the day I have
completely scrapped my original idea and came up with
a totally different and comedic twist to the story
with no plot...(don't leave me ; A ;) Orz
well anyways :3 SJ doesn't like me very much,
the website seems to always be unresponsive in the
mid-morning to late afternoon so I will probably
bombard you with updates in the evening... it will
totally depend if I can get on SJ throughout the
day :)
(does anyone else get this problem?)
(I randomly got hives just now o_o has this happened
to anyone before?)


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